Zigwheels Automobile Author Details - Sagar

Sagar Basandani, the favorite among his team, is a budding journalist, who has all eyes for bikes. His passion for bikes is incomparable, though he fishes out comfort in the company of all mean machines on wheels rather than in girls of his age! Silent yet witty, Sagar is still in college, but writing all for his love for bikes and cars. Usually calm in his ways, he gets suddenly ignited with bikes and cars around him. And it's nothing new for his family and friends, they have seen him hanging with his machines, though as a child his machines were plastic made! A fresher in the town, Sagar has a burning urge in him to excel in whatever he attempts, and a lot more when it's about cars and bikes. Confident, hard-working, cheerful, enthusiastic, always eager to learn, hopeful, optimistic, funny, fun to hang around with, are a few Sagaristic adjectives buzzing these days!