2020 KTM 200 Duke BS6: Pros, Cons, Should You Buy One?

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We decipher the highs and lows of the new generation of the KTM 200 Duke

For 2020, KTM has ditched the old styling and given the 200 Duke BS6 the same design treatment as its elder siblings, the 250 Duke BS6 and the 390 Duke BS6. While premium components like the LED headlight and colour TFT dash are still reserved for the 390 only, the 200 Duke still manages to look fresh. Here are our pros and cons of the new 200 Duke:


The new design makes the 200 Duke finally look like a modern KTM

From 2012 until now, there has hardly been any update to the styling of the 200 Duke. The design had begun to show its age. Hence, it was a welcome move for KTM to move to the 1290 Super Duke R-inspired design that you also find on the 250 Duke. The differentiating factor between the two bikes remains the colour scheme and the underbelly exhaust on the 200 Duke. Also, the 200 Duke remains the only modern-styled Duke to get the iconic orange colour!

Performance feels unchanged from the older model, which is a good thing 

At the heart of the 200 Duke remains the same free-revving 199cc single-cylinder motor that churns out 25PS and 19Nm. Surprisingly, KTM has managed to keep the performance the same as it was without any drop in output numbers.

It is a bit more comfortable and touring-friendly than before

Thanks to a change in the subframe of the 200 Duke, you now get a roomier seat with wider bars that make for a comfortable rider’s triangle. And now thanks to this new riding posture, one can finally enjoy the charm of touring.


Ground clearance has dropped to 155mm as the exhaust now routes under the bike

In order to meet BS6 emission norms, KTM has had to change the routing of the exhaust. The chunky cat-con has been placed ahead of the engine and as a result, the exhaust pipe has to run from below the engine and not around the cylinder head as it was earlier. As a result, ground clearance has taken a massive hit. Even though KTM has fitted a slim bash plate of sorts to protect the exhaust, you will end up grazing it over large speed breakers.

11kg weight increase is likely to affect actual performance numbers

Even though outputs haven’t changed, the extra 11kg of kerb weight onboard the 200 Duke might just affect the performance numbers of the bike. It certainly doesn’t feel slow but then we are yet to get our hands on the bike for a proper road test. We believe the acceleration as well as roll-on performance could have taken a slight hit.

The 200 Duke is pricey now

At Rs 1.72 lakh, the 200 Duke is no longer the value-for-money product that it was in 2012. This new bike is Rs 10,000 dearer than before. You do get a lot of new features for the extra money, but it is still a pricey motorcycle.

Should You Buy It? Yes

There is no doubt the 200 Duke has become a lot pricier over eight years. In order to justify the new price premium, KTM has given the 200 Duke a major makeover. While it has not altered the motor’s mannerisms, the bike has become friendlier and easier for most riding situations. Plus, it looks fresh and manages to keep the ‘Ready To Race’ motto alive even in the BS6 era.

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