Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter: Details You Might’ve Missed

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We got up and close with Bajaj’s first electric scooter and discovered quite a few nifty features!

[Update: Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Launched In India]

Bajaj recently unveiled its most awaited electric scooter, the Chetak. While we have already covered all the important aspects of the scooter, there are some minor details that we discovered when we got up and close with the scooter at the Chetak Electric Yatra’s conclusion ceremony in Pune. Here are some of the lesser known aspects of the electric scooter:

It gets dynamic turn indicators:

The Bajaj Chetak electric features properly premium dynamic LED turn indicators like those you see in premium cars from the likes of Audi. What’s more, it even features separate turn indicator buttons on both ends of the handlebars similar to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. All the switchgear controls are of the button type and feel quite premium too.

There are two brightness modes for the DRL:

Bajaj has equipped the Chetak electric scooter with an all-LED lighting system. The horseshoe shaped LED headlamp comes with the high-beam and low-beam settings as usual. But apart from this, there are also two additional brightness settings for the DRLs: low and high. The DRLs are impressively powerful under the high setting and should be enough to serve as a parking lamp at dimly lit areas.

It gets button-activated storage compartments:

The boot lid-open button on the right switchgear can be pressed once to open the apron storage compartment. It houses the first aid and tool kit apart from a charging port for your smartphone. There's also a pouch on the left side to store the charger. Holding the boot lid-open button for a while will unlock the underseat storage compartment too. At present, no other scooters come with this feature in India. There’s a boot light in the underseat compartment as well, which should come in handy at night. Sadly, the boot’s design will not let you store a full face helmet as there’s a long ridge-like bump right at the centre. 

The scooter also sounds a beep alarm if the boot is kept open for too long. What’s more, the front portion of the seat also gets the Chetak logo which extends outwards, doubling up as a storage hook. A pretty neat touch, isn’t it?

The charging port is under the seat lid:

The charging cable goes under the seat to a port that’s located just near the seat lock slot. It is designed in a way to enable the proper closure of the seat even when it is charging. Also, the charging cable looks lengthy enough for normal usage.

Attention to detail:

Bajaj has paid a lot of attention to detail in its electric scooter. There are Chetak logos on the headlamp, handlebar grips, apron and tail section. The side stand is made out of forged aluminium, and the pillion footpegs are of the flush-fit type as well. It is also wide enough to let the pillion rest his/her feet comfortably. Interestingly, the shape of the side step for the pillion is a clear throwback to the original Chetak.

Like the side stand, even the rear view mirror stalks look like they’ve been made out of forged aluminium. You can find Chetak logos on the mirror case too. Even the parking brake lock is subtly designed with just a small button to lock the lever in place.

There’s no physical key:

That’s right, Bajaj offers an electronic key fob which has a button to lock/unlock the scooter. The engine start and the steering lock are integrated into a single button on the apron. You also get a ‘Find me’ function which can be activated via the key fob. It turns on the scooter’s indicators and it also beeps to let the rider know their scooter’s location.

Comes with a reverse gear too:

The R button on the right switchgear can be pressed to turn on the reverse gear. Its speed is restricted to 4-5kmph though. This function should be ideal to take the scooter out of tight parking areas effortlessly.

Mystery number on the apron compartment lid:

The lid on the apron storage compartment reads “2403” and the same number is present in all colour options of the scooter. When we asked Bajaj about it, the company said it’ll soon throw open a contest where participants can guess what the numbers stand for. We think it has something to do with the original Chetak. What do you guys feel?

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Bajaj Chetak

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