Bajaj Chetak: Which Colour To Pick?

Published On Oct 17, 2019 By for Bajaj Bikes at

Bajaj’s snazzy e-scooter comes in six snazzy colours. Which one should you pick to complement that unique personality of yours? Allow us to help

[Update: Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Launched In India]

Bajaj’s first step towards electrification started with the unveiling of the revamped electric Chetak— a neo-retro styled scooter that’s been creating waves in the electric scooter industry. The e-scooter gets a host of features, flush-fitting panels and some unique design elements that have never been seen before. But what brings it all together is the high-quality paint scheme on the all-metal body. Problem is, and it’s a big one, which of these colours should you pick? To make things simpler, we’ve listed down all six, and our top pick. 

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It’s a little too gaudy for us, but if that’s what tickles your fancy, then, by all means, go for it. We, on the other hand, would stay away since the colour is a little too common in the scooter scene in India and wouldn’t help you stand out from the crowd.



True, it’s quite rare and looks extravagant, but it doesn’t quite gel well with the Chetak’s overall design. Plus, the silver-finished accents tend to blend in with the colour.

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It’s a similar story with white. The character lines on the scooter tend to blend in with the colour scheme making it look rather dull. What works in this case though is the contracting seat and the blacked-out mechanicals, which bring a sense of sportiness.



Black takes priority over white for us because black looks good on anything and everything. Highlighting this fact is the silver trims that emphasise certain aspects of the scooter. 

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This is one of my personal favourites and here’s why. The dark metallic blue paint scheme is sure to grab eyeballs wherever you go. Sure, it’s a bit flashy for some, but it contrasts well with the blacked-out mechanicals and the brown seat. There’s a sense of drama, and we sure as hell like it.



But it all boils down to the last and in our opinion the best one - silver. What we really love about the paint scheme is the premium matte finish that accentuates the entire design. It’s the attention to detail, the contrasting red rim tapes and the premium feel that bring the Chetak to life. It’s no surprise then, that silver is the preferred colour of choice for all clay models. It’s not without its kinks though, the silver accents around the speedometer, headlight and front apron tend to mask itself with the colour scheme.