Bengaluru-based Startup Bounce To Launch Its First Electric Scooter Soon

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The launch event is slated for late November 

(UPDATE: The Bounce Infinity E1 has been launched in India. Head here to read the launch story.)

Bounce, a Bengaluru-based startup, is all set to launch its first electric scooter in late November. At present, the company is known for its pocket-friendly EV rental services, with daily, monthly, and annual plans. 


Coming to the scooter, we believe it’ll be a commuter offering to take on the TVS iQube Electric rather than a performance-oriented one like the Ola S1 Pro.

This speculation is backed by the fact that Bounce recently acquired a 100 percent stake in 22Motors, a company which was on course to launch a commuter electric scooter in India before it called it quits in 2019. Moreover, the silhouette of Bounce’s upcoming e-scooter is awfully similar to the 22Motors iFlow e-scooter prototype. 


The upcoming scooter will feature swappable battery packs, which will be available on rent, rather than being sold with the scooter, thus cutting costs. Bounce plans to set up battery swap stations too, making life easier for customers. 

Deliveries of the Bounce Electric Scooter will reportedly start in January 2022. Details about the availability and service costs are yet to be revealed.  Expect the scooter to cost around Rs 75,000 (ex-showroom). 

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Pricing for the Bounce Infinity E1 (On Road of Delhi)

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Bounce Infinity E1

Rs 45,099(Ex-showroom, Delhi )
TOP SPEED65 kmph