BS6 Vespa, Aprilia Scooter Prices Revealed

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The entire model lineup has received a price hike of Rs 17,000 to a whopping Rs 21,000!

  • Deliveries of BS6-compliant scooters will begin from April next year. 
  • Unofficial bookings have commenced for a token amount of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000. 

Last month, we had reported that the BS6 version of the Vespa and Aprilia will receive a huge price increment. Now, we’ve got our hands on the official price list of the BS6-compliant models. The manufacturer has increased the price of the scooters by Rs 17,000 to Rs 21,000! We knew that BS6-compliant two-wheelers were going to be expensive, but this is a huge jump in price. For instance, the top-of-the-line BS6 Vespa VXL 150 Elegant is priced at Rs 1.31 lakh! That’s just Rs 3,300 less than the Yamaha FZ25, which retails at Rs 1,34,680 (ex-showroom Delhi). Here’s a detailed look at the price list: 


New Prices

Old Prices


Vespa Club

Rs 91,492

Rs 73,288

Rs 18,204

Vespa LX 125

Rs 95,072

Rs 77,535

Rs 17,537

Vespa ZX 125 CBS

Rs 99,144

Rs 81649

Rs 17,495

Vespa VXL 125 CBS

Rs 1,08,802

Rs 91,434

Rs 17,368

Vespa VXL 150 ABS

Rs 1,21,121

Rs 1,02,187

Rs 18,934

Vespa SXL 125 CBS

Rs 1,12,049

Rs 94,735

Rs 17,314

Vespa SXL 125 CBS (Matte)

Rs 1,14,033

Rs 95,808

Rs 17,100

Vespa SXL 150 ABS (Mate)

Rs 1,26,076

Rs 1,07,308

Rs 18,768

Vespa SXL 150 ABS

Rs 1,25,107

Rs 1,06,238

Rs 18,869

Vespa VXL 125 Elegante

Rs 1,21,167

Rs 1,02,326

Rs 18,841

Vespa VXL 150 Elegante

Rs 1,31,374

Rs 1,12,709

Rs 18,665

Aprilia Storm

Rs 85,431

Rs 66,734

Rs 18,697

SR 125 CBS

Rs 93,496

Rs 72,484

Rs 21,012

SR 150 ABS

Rs 1,03,269

Rs 83,850

Rs 19,419

SR 150 Race Edition

Rs 1,12,463

Rs 93,097

Rs 19,366

SR 150 Carbon Edition

Rs 1,06,363

Rs 86,921

Rs 19,442

As per our sources, the manufacturer has made some changes to the engines, exhaust and the cat-con to make the models BS6-compliant. We were expecting the updated scooters to get some cosmetic changes as well, but the Vespa SXL 150 -- which was spotted earlier -- looks exactly the same as the previous model. Aprilia will soon launch the updated SR 150, which will be called the SR 160. Head here for more details.

(All prices ex-showroom Pune).

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Pricing for the Vespa VXL 150 (On Road of Delhi)

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Vespa VXL 150

Rs 1,23,973(Ex-showroom, Delhi )
ENGINE149 cc
TOP SPEED90 kmph

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