Hero Two-wheelers August 2021 Price List: Splendor, HF Deluxe, XPulse 200, Maestro Edge 125 And More

Are there any further price revisions?

Motorcycles are getting dearer by the day. Just last month, there were some major shake-ups in prices. Thankfully, Hero MotoCorp was one of the few bikemakers that didn’t jack up the prices by a huge margin. Here’s what the prices of Hero bikes look like for August:


Price (ex-showroom Delhi)

Price Difference

Hero HF 100

Rs 49,800

No change

Hero HF Deluxe

Kick Drum Spoke: Rs 51,900

Kick Drum Alloy: Rs 52,900

Self Drum Alloy: Rs 61,900

Self Drum Alloy All Black: Rs 62,025

Self Drum Alloy i3S: Rs 63,225

No change

Hero Splendor Plus

Kick Drum Alloy: Rs 63,750

Self Drum Alloy: Rs 66,050

Self Drum Alloy i3S: 67,210

Black and Accent: Rs 67,260

100 Million Edition: Rs 69,060

No change

Hero Splendor iSmart

Drum Alloy: Rs 68,650

Disc Alloy: Rs 71,350

No change

Hero Passion Pro

Drum Alloy: Rs 69,475

Disc Alloy: Rs 72,175

Drum 100 Million: Rs 71,275

Disc 100 Million: Rs 73,975

No change

Hero Glamour

Drum Alloy: Rs 74,900

Disc Alloy: Rs 78,700

Blaze Drum: Rs 75,900

Blaze Disc: Rs 79,700

100 Million Drum: Rs 76,700

100 Million Disc: Rs 80,500

Xtec Drum: Rs 78,900

Xtec Disc: 83,500

No change

Hero Super Splendor

Drum: Rs 72,600

Disc: Rs 75,900

No change

Hero Xtreme 160R

Disc: Rs 1,09,240

Double Disc: Rs 1,12,290

100 Million: Rs 1,14,090

No change

Hero Xtreme 200S

Rs 1,24,014

No change

Hero XPulse 200

Rs 1,20,800

No change

Hero XPulse 200T

Rs 1,18,300

No change

Hero Maestro Edge 110

VX: Rs 64,250

ZX: Rs 65,450

100 Million: Rs 67,250

No change

Hero Maestro Edge 125

Drum: Rs 72,250

Disc: Rs 76,500

Prismatic colour: Rs 76,500

Connectcity: Rs 79,750

No change

Hero Destini 125

Drum Brake Steel Wheel: Rs 69,500

Drum Brake Alloy Wheel: Rs 72,950

Drum Brake Alloy Wheel Platinum: Rs 74,750

100 Million: Rs 74,700

No change

Hero Pleasure Plus

Drum Brake Steel Wheel: Rs 60,500

Drum Brake Alloy Wheel: Rs 62,850

Drum Brake Alloy Wheel Platinum: Rs 64,950

No change

Yep, no changes from July. We did get a couple of new variants since the price revision though. The Glamour 125 gets a new Xtec variant that brings smartphone connectivity to the 125cc commuter. The added tech has come at a premium of around Rs 5,000 over the base model.

Similarly, Hero has also spruced up the Maestro Edge 125 scooter with LED lighting, snazzier colours, and smartphone connectivity features. Here the tech is only available on the disc version and it costs Rs 3,000 more than the regular disc trim.

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Pricing for the Hero Splendor iSmart (On Road of Delhi)

Know more about Splendor iSmart

Hero Splendor iSmart image

Hero Splendor iSmart

Rs 68,650(Ex-showroom, Delhi )
ENGINE113.2 cc

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