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These detailed images will give you a fair idea as to how Honda has improved its best-selling scooter in its newest generation

Honda has launched the Activa 6G at a starting price of Rs 63,912 (ex-showroom Delhi). The BS6-compliant scooter is around Rs 7,600 to almost Rs 8,000 dearer than the Activa 5G. We took the scooter for a spin to see whether the upgrades have made it a better package than before. Here are our findings in images:

The overall design of the scooter has remained more or less the same. Honda does not want to tinker with the design as it has worked really well for them in decades. Its consistent sales numbers are solid proof.

The biggest update comes in the form of a front telescopic fork. Thanks to this, the ride quality is a lot more supple than the Activa 5G’s trailing link suspension. However, it is still on the firmer side overall.

To tackle this to a certain extent, Honda has offered a 3-step preload-adjustable rear shock absorber.

Another major addition is the external fuel filler cap. It is secured by a plastic lid but that feels a bit flimsy.

The fuel filler lid is operated by an apron-mounted switch, which ensures easier fuel-ups.

Honda has equipped the scooter with a silent start system and an engine kill switch. Thanks to this, the motor comes to life quickly and very silently. The engine kill switch also makes it more convenient to turn off the motor at traffic lights. However, unlike the Activa 125 BS6, there is no stop-start system.

The Activa 6G also comes with a new BS6-compliant fuel-injected engine. It is supremely refined but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of outright performance. The acceleration feels nice up until 40kmph but post that, it fades out. The scooter seems to be the happiest at around 60-65kmph. 

The 130mm drum brakes have remained unchanged. They are reasonably powerful but the front end could’ve had a bit more bite. 

Apart from the telescopic fork, the larger 12-inch front steel wheel has also improved the ride quality.

As far as the practicality is concerned, the underseat storage has remained unchanged at 18 litres, which isn’t exactly generous for a scooter. There is no USB port or an underseat LED light even as an option.

The hook below the seat isn’t lockable anymore. So you’ll have to be a little more careful while carrying your grocery over bad roads.

While the headlamp is LED, the indicators and tail lamp are of bulb type. Interestingly, the LED headlamp is standard only in the premium DLX variant.

While the DLX version of the Activa 5G features a semi-digital instrument cluster, both variants of the Activa 6G make do with a fully analogue unit. We’d have liked if Honda retained the semi-digital layout at least in the DLX variant. A real-time mileage indicator would’ve been welcome too.

Overall, the Honda Activa 6G has become a better handling, more refined scooter than its predecessor. While it may not have a peppy motor, it makes up with nifty features.

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