Check Out This ZX-25R Based Cafe Racer!

Published On Oct 07, 2020 By for Kawasaki Bikes at

Okay, okay, it hasn’t been done by Kawasaki but it’s still pretty gorgeous

Like nearly every other manufacturer, Kawasaki is cashing in on the modern classic/neo-retro boom that we’re seeing in motorcycling at the moment. It’s got proper old-school classics like the W800 and W250, and also slightly more modern interpretations like the Z900RS cafe racer that’s based on the modern Z900 inline-four. But another very popular recent inline-four engined motorcycle from Kawasaki is the bonkers Ninja ZX-25R, and we’re not alone in wondering what this beauty would look like as a cafe racer.

TMC Blog has rendered not one but three different 250cc Kawasaki cafe racers styled along the lines of the Z900RS. These are based on the ZX-25R (four cylinder), Ninja 250 (twin cylinder) and Ninja 250SL (single cylinder) models. Each one features a lovely headlight cowl and rounded fuel tank for an unmistakable hint of neo-retro. The stepped seat unit also very closely resembles that of the Z900RS, and the only big difference between all the renders is the engine.

The ZX-25R based render is the best looking of the lot, with its meaty engine block and four exhaust headers filling the engine bay well, while the Ninja 250SL version is a lot more compact with far more empty space in the belly of the bike. So, will we see a Z250RS sometime soon? Well, for now, these pictures are just wishful thinking, but we do hope Kawasaki extends its range of RS neo-retro motorcycles in the future. In fact, a Z650RS is apparently already on the cards, so we’re quite excited…