KTM 250 Duke: Pros, Cons And Should You Buy It?

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If the KTM 390 Duke is too intimidating for you and you’re planning to go for the 250 instead, we might be able to help you out some

If you are upgrading from a 150cc motorcycle and you need something powerful but not too intimidating, you could go for the KTM 250 Duke. You know, the sensible younger cousin of the mental 390 Duke? And if you are planning to join the orange bandwagon by opting for the 250 Duke, then we are here to help you make an informed decision.  


Looks good… obviously:

The quarter-litre KTM looks absolutely stunning, especially in that typical orange hue that KTM is known for. Compared to the 250 Duke, other motorcycles like the Yamaha FZ25 and the Suzuki Gixxer 250 look quite bland. The trellis frame, the tank extensions and the trapezoidal headlamp help it further accentuate the look. But we would’ve appreciated it if KTM had equipped it with the same LED setup as the 390 Duke. If you are one of those who want to keep it understated, then the 250 Duke is available in white paint job as well. 

Forgiving KTM:

The 390 models in KTM’s family are known as the maniac twins. But considering that you want to upgrade from sub-200cc motorcycle, the 250 Duke will be an apt choice for you. It gets similar cycle parts, it looks almost the same, but most importantly, the 248.8cc motor is quite tractable in urban conditions. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice rider or an experienced one, riding this thing is so easy because of its spot-on ergonomics.

Comfortable ergonomics:

At 830mm, the seat height on the KTM 250 is one the higher side, but thanks to its slim fuel tank, it is easy to reach the ground. With higher-set handlebars, you won’t be uncomfortable while riding it. Even the seat is big and spacious and offers quite some room for the rider to move. The ergonomics on the 250 Duke are spot on and if we had to nitpick something, then we would say that the pillion seat could have been a bit comfy, just like the FZ25. 


Peaky motor:

Compared to the 250 Duke, the FZ25 and the Gixxer 250 offer better low-end grunt, which makes them more convenient in stop-and-go traffic. The 248.8cc motor in the 250 Duke, on the other hand, needs to be revved constantly to bring the best out of it. In our roll-on acceleration test, the 250 Duke goes from 40kmph to 80kmph in 6.09 seconds. Whereas the FZ25 and the Gixxer 250 did the same test in 5.93 seconds and 5.55 seconds respectively.

Not enough braking power:

When it comes to stopping, the KTM 250 Duke offers a decent amount of bite. In fact, in our braking test, the 250 Duke lost to the FZ25. Where the Yammie went from 80 to a dead stop in 30.02m, the 250 Duke, on the other hand, covered the same test in 33.95m. The 250’s braking units offer the same lack of brake feel like the first-gen 390 Duke did.

Feels pricey:

At Rs 1.94 lakh, the KTM 250 Duke is around Rs 35,000 more expensive than the Gixxer 250 and a whopping Rs 60,000 more expensive than the FZ25. And as we found out, the Gixxer and the FZ performs quite well in everyday situations. 

Should you buy it? 

Well, maybe. You see the KTM 250 Duke comes with better hardware compared to its rival, which explains its expensive price tag. The quarter-litre Duke does feel a bit more exciting than them, but it doesn’t mean that its counterparts are bad. So if shelling out Rs 1.94 lakh doesn’t bother you much, then you could go for the 250 Duke. 

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