New Suzuki Hayabusa To Be Unveiled By 2020

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A recently filed patent application from Suzuki suggests an all-new Euro V-compliant engine, a new chassis and more!

  • Suzuki recently filed a patent giving us some insights on the upcoming Hayabusa.
  • According to the blueprints, the bike will feature a new Euro V-compliant engine, a new chassis and a new swingarm.
  • Reportedly, the new model will churn out over 200PS of power.
  • The next-gen Busa is also expected to draw design cues from the concept GSX styling study showcased at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.
  • It’s likely that Suzuki will showcase the new model by 2020, followed by its production version in 2021.

Recent reports of the Suzuki Hayabusa suggested that the bike would face the axe in European markets as it failed to comply with stringent Euro IV emission norms. However, due to its popularity in the American and Asian markets and less stringent emission norms, the Japanese manufacturer will continue selling the legendary ’Busa till 2020. That’s because it is expected to be replaced by a brand new model in 2021. And we could expect the company to showcase the bike a year earlier as most manufacturers do.

And, Suzuki’s patent application filed towards the end of December 2018 holds merit to this claim. According to Bike Social, we could be seeing a brand new Euro V-compliant engine which puts out more power, a new chassis and a new swingarm. Reports suggest that the 1340cc engine will deliver over 200PS. While there are no details on the way the next-gen Busa looks, we’re sure the new styling will still have enthusiasts drooling over it anyway.

Paul de Lusignan, Suzuki GB general manager, said: “Our engineers are continuing to develop new and exciting models that will be introduced over the next few years. Personally, as someone who has covered thousands of miles on Hayabusas over the years, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a new one, too.”

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As for the mechanicals, the patents filed reveal a couple of juicy details about the upcoming Hayabusa. For instance, the drawing shows the exhaust pipes with a catalytic converter that goes into a resonator box placed under the engine. The revision comes in order to comply with strict European emission norms. Moreover, the typical 4-2-2 exhaust layout for the Hayabusa is also pretty evident in the blueprint. 

A closer look at it also suggests that the new bike will feature a new, thinner aluminium beam frame mimicking that of modern superbikes rather than the hefty chassis on the current version. Other takeaways include the familiar engine outline and mounting points. While the current iteration of the Busa frame incorporates its air-duct through the headstock design, the next-gen bike will have its air intake routed through the side of the chassis. This could mean that the model borrows its design cues from the concept GSX styling study showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2015.

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Furthermore, from the looks of it, the chassis is paired with a new swingarm which seems to be made from cast aluminium in order to save weight, instead of the current extruded and welded alloy design. 

Paul de Lusignan further went on to say, “The Hayabusa was a game-changer when it was released 20 years ago, and a real statement of intent from Suzuki to challenge our rivals and beat them. It’s gone on to become a real icon and a symbol of power, speed, and acceleration, and you only have to look at drag strips to see it’s still hugely popular with riders chasing speed with reliability, something we’re very proud of.


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