Royal Enfield ABS Bikes’ New Price List Revealed

The new price list contains all 24 Royal Enfield bike variants that are on offer

Royal Enfield ABS Price List

  • Royal Enfield has updated its entire range with single and dual-channel ABS.
  • The new Royal Enfield ABS-equipped bikes range starts at Rs 1.21 lakh and go up to Rs 2.85 lakh.
  • They include the Bullet 350/500, Classic 350/500, Thunderbird 350/500, Himalayan, Interceptor 650 and Continental GT. 


With the government’s ABS ruling coming into effect, Royal Enfield’s entire range now comes with ABS. While the entry-level Bullet range gets single-channel, rest of Royal Enfield’s bikes come with dual-channel ABS setups. However, none of the bikes, including the Himalayan, get switchable ABS. It is interesting to note that Royal Enfield has been exporting ABS-equipped bikes for quite a while now, but have only recently updated its entire portfolio.

Royal Enfield ABS Price List

Royal Enfield’s entry-level bike, the Bullet 350, gets a single-channel ABS setup on its front disc / rear drum setup. The price hike for the Bullet 350 ranges from Rs 1,600 to Rs 3,500 depending on the variant. This price hike is the lowest we have seen when it comes to manufacturers converting their non-ABS bikes to ABS.

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RE Bullet price list:

New Price (ex-Mumbai)
Bullet 350 ABSRs 1,21,380
Bullet 350 ES ABSRs 1,35,613
Bullet 350 TrialsRs 1,62,543
Bullet 500 ABSRs 1,88,344
Bullet 500 TrialsRs, 2,07,308


Royal Enfield ABS Price List

Royal Enfield’s best selling Classic 350 gets dual-channel ABS on its 280mm front and 240mm rear disc brake setup. You have 3 variants of the Classic 350 and 4 variants of the larger Classic 500.

RE Classic price list:

New Price (ex-Mumbai)
Classic 350 ABSRs 1,15,443
Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey ABSRs 1,55,280
Signals 350 ABSRs 1,63,635
Classic 500 ABSRs 2,01,587
Classic 500 Desert Storm ABS/Stealth Black ABSRs 2,04,518
Classic 500 Chrome ABSRs 2,12,020


Royal Enfield ABS Price List

Like the Classic range, the Thunderbird too gets dual-channel ABS. The Thunderbird 350 ABS commands a premium of Rs 5,000 over the earlier non-ABS variant. You also have the street-oriented Thunderbird X which gets alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, flatter handlebars, brightly coloured fuel tank and blacked-out body panels.

RE Thunderbird price list:

New Price (ex-Mumbai)
Thunderbird 350 ABSRs 1,56,198
Thunderbird 350X ABSRs 1,63,544
Thunderbird 500 ABSRs 2,06,848
Thunderbird 500X ABSRs 2,14,719


Royal Enfield ABS Price List

Royal Enfield had launched its Himalayan ADV with ABS last year itself. This motorcycle, like most other RE bikes, comes with dual-channel ABS.

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RE Himalayan ABS price list:

New Price (ex-Mumbai)
Himalayan ABSRs 1,80,492
Himalayan Sleet ABSRs 1,82,328


Royal Enfield ABS Price List

Royal Enfield’s flagship bikes, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, get a dual channel ABS setup. Priced well below Rs 3 lakh, these 650cc bikes are the most affordable twin-cylinder motorcycles on sale in India.

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RE Interceptor /Continental GT price list:

New Price (ex-Mumbai)
Interceptor 650Rs 2,50,610
Interceptor 650 CustomRs 2,58,109
Interceptor 650 ChromeRs 2,70,609
Continental GT 650Rs 2,65,609
Continental GT 650 CustomRs 2,73,109
Continental GT 650 ChromeRs 2,85,609


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Royal Enfield Classic 350

Rs 1,80,880(Ex-showroom, Delhi )
ENGINE346 cc

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