The New Tromox Ukko E-bike Is Almost As Quick As The BMW M3

Published On Sep 26, 2021 By at

The e-bike hails from Taiwan and was unveiled at the China International Motorcycles Trade Exhibition

Taiwanese EV-maker Tromox has unveiled its latest electric motorcycle, the Ukko. The Tromox Ukko is the bikemaker’s, a company generally known for producing small electric monkey bikes, first ‘big’ bike. 

The Ukko is still smaller than a regular bike, though, which is made evident by its low seat height of just 760mm. Tromox claims any one over 5’2” can easily ride the Ukko. 

The Ukko’s design is conventional yet futuristic. Up front, you get a single LED headlamp, which looks somewhat similar to the CFMoto 300NK’s unit. Then you have a tall handlebar and a flat, scooped seat along with a unique LED tail light that round off the design. The bodywork comes wrapped in blue and green colours, which we find quite appealing.

Complementing the design is a large rectangular instrument cluster. While details are scarce about it, we expect it to be a TFT unit with smartphone connectivity as standard.

Underneath the bodywork is a 7kW mid-mounted motor. According to Tromox, the mid-mount setup lets the Ukko climb slopes of 22-degrees and accelerate from zero to its top speed of 100kmph in just 4.2 seconds, which is just 0.3 seconds slower than the BMW M3.

Coupled to the motor is a 3.96kW battery which can be quick-charged to 80 per cent in just 45 minutes, as claimed by the manufacturer.

The Tromox Ukko rolls on 13-inch alloy wheels sprung on a USD fork and a monoshock while being clamped by single disc brakes at both ends. Customers can also choose from ABS and CBS options. 

Full details and pricing of the Ukko are yet to be revealed but from what we know, the package seems quite exciting. Sadly, since this is mainly focussed for the Chinese market, we’ll just have to enjoy it through photos.


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