TVS Jupiter ZX Disc i-Touch Start: Same Price, Other Options

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The TVS Jupiter ZX i-Touch Start costs more than the standard BS6 NTorq 125. So would you be better off with something else?

TVS Motors has launched the TVS Jupiter ZX i-Touch Start at Rs 69,052 (ex-showroom Delhi), which makes it a little over Rs 1,100 more expensive than the standard BS6 NTorq 125. Sure, you do get a couple of extra goodies for the extra moolah, but would you rather spend that kind of money on a 110cc scooter or invest it on a more powerful scooter or a motorcycle? Here’s what else you could get for around the same price.

BS6 TVS NTorq 125 Drum - Rs 67,885

For a bit less, you can get your hands on the standard NTroq 125. It packs a larger motor, looks a lot sportier and offers a truckload of features too. So if you’re looking for a scooter that’ll help you stand out from the crowd while offering a decent amount of performance for everyday commutes, the NTorq 125 is the way to go. 

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Glamour 125 FI BS6 Drum - Rs.69,750

Fork out around Rs 700 extra and you could get yourself the BS6 Glamour 125. It packs more power while being a lot more frugal, thereby saving you a lot of fuel. The Glamour 125 also offers Hero’s i3S tech, which cuts off the power if it senses the engine running on idle for more than 5 seconds, as well as Auto Sail which works as a torque-assist feature. Essentially, the bike can crawl at city speeds using clutch modulation. Overall a good proposition. However, we would look out for build quality issues. 

Access 125 Disc CBS Special Edition - Rs.73,400

Rs 73,400 would fetch you the best selling scooter in the 125cc scooter space, the Access 125. Its butter-smooth motor, powerful LED headlight and superb ride quality would surely win you over. The scooter may look a bit dated compared to the competition, but it has managed to trump all of them year after year in our road tests

Honda Shine Disc - Rs.73,512

It goes without saying that Japanese reliability is second to none, so you can never really go wrong with a Honda.  Not to mention, the BS6 Shine comes with loads of features like an ACG starter, engine start/stop switch, eSP technology along with friction reduction which keeps the engine internals running cool. It may not be as practical as the Jupiter, but it sure as hell is frugal which will help you in the long run.

Pulsar 125 Neon Disc CBS BS6 - Rs.75,795

If you’ve always been a Pulsar fanatic, the Pulsar 125 Neon is the easiest, most affordable way to hop onto the bandwagon. It has the road presence of a 150cc motorcycle, has more than enough power, and looks quite striking in the Neon paint scheme. 


*All prices ex-showroom, Delhi

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Pricing for the TVS Jupiter (On Road of Delhi)

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TVS Jupiter

Rs 63,852(Ex-showroom, Delhi )
ENGINE109.7 cc


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