Yamaha India Rolls Out Its One Millionth Scooter

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Rolled out from its Surajpur plant in Greater Noida on Friday, a Fascino was the one-millionth Yamaha scooter to be produced in India.

Yamaha's one millionth scooter rolled out in India

India Yamaha Motor (IYM) has achieved a major production milestone of one million scooters in India. The company rolled out its one-millionth unit in India from its Surajpur plant in Greater Noida on Friday and it was a Fascino. Yamaha entered the scooter market in India in 2012 with the Cygnus Ray, aimed at young females. Thereafter, the company enhanced its line up for a wide variety of customer needs, such as the Cygnus Ray Z targeted towards young males, the family-oriented Cygnus Alpha, the premium fashion scooter Fascino and the recently launched Cygnus Ray-ZR, the next generation boys' scooter. Currently, the company is retailing all these models except the first generation Ray, which was discontinued recently.

Commenting on this milestone, Hiroaki Fujita, chairman, IYM, said, “This is a significant landmark for Yamaha in India. IYM has had a very successful run in the scooter segment and has been growing at a rapid pace in the past few years. The roll out of the one-millionth scooter in India is a reflection of Yamaha’s increasing footprints in India in the scooter segment and we are confident that will be able to further reinforce our position in the market. Both our plants at Surajpur and Chennai have performed exceedingly well, contributing to the company’s expanding customer base & business.”

Yamaha Fascino was the one millionth scooter produced in India

Out of the one million scooters produced by Yamaha in India, around 80,000 scooters have been exported to global markets including Nepal, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Cost Rica, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. The highest selling scooter in export markets is the Cygnus Ray Z.

The two-wheeler market in India has been growing constantly over the last decade. The market reached 16 million units in 2015 and is expected to continue to grow at a decent pace going forward, led by the scooter segment. Out of the total demand of two wheelers in India, the scooter segment is soaring with 30 per cent contribution to the two-wheelers sales and Yamaha is targeting 10 percent of this market share in scooters by the end of this year. The company targets to produce 1 million vehicles this year, out of which 4.6 lakh units will be scooters.

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