Yamaha R15 V4: Colours Explained

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Spellbound by the all-new R15 but can’t decide on a colour? Allow us to help

The Yamaha R15 Version 4.0 has made its global debut in India. Like its last three versions, the R15 V4 is a big step up from its previous self and adopts many new bits. What we’re focussing on in this story, though, is its five exciting new colourways and which one offers what:

Metallic Red

Front Right View of R15 V4

Priced at Rs 1,67,800, the Metallic Red colour is the most affordable shade of the Yamaha R15 V4. It is quite similar to the R15 V3’s Metallic Red colour which was launched in April 2021. However, here you get yellow accents under the sleek LED DRLs and on the tail, which add a pinch of contrast to the livery. The colour looks eye-catching and will certainly turn a few heads in the real world.

Dark Knight

Right Side View of R15 V4

If you like stealthy motorcycles, this is the shade for you. It wraps the R15 V4 in a seemingly matte black bodywork but with white highlights on the fairing to create a sporty contrast. While we like the overall livery, we can’t help but point out the odd-looking ‘R15’ logo, which is quite different from the official logo of the R15 and feels like an afterthought. The R15 V4 Dark Knight is priced at Rs 1,68,800, making it Rs 1,000 costlier than the red shade.

Racing Blue

Right Side View of R15 V4

This colourway takes inspiration from the Yamaha YZF-R7, which is also the inspiration for the R15 V4’s design. While there are no graphics here, the fairing is wrapped in a darker blue shade compared to the tank, tail and headlamp, lending the R15 a pinch of swagger. Oh, and this colour also comes with striking blue alloys for extra premium-ness. From this colour onwards, you also get traction control and a quickshifter. 

You will have to dig deep in your pocket, though, as the Racing Blue colour costs Rs 1,72,800, which is Rs 5,000 more than the base price. Still, we feel this price is somewhat justified considering the addition of the extra kit.

Metallic Grey

Left Side View of R15 V4

If you aren’t living under a rock, you’d probably know Yamaha introduced a new ‘M’ variant for the R15 V4. And the Metallic Grey colour is exclusively offered for the R15 M. This shade takes inspiration from the big daddy of Yamaha’s R lineup, the YZF-R1 M, and adds a whole lot of sportiness to R15. In addition to a grey/black bodywork, the R15 M packs a silver exhaust shield, a silver swingarm, seat covers with carbon fibre pattern, blue fork covers on the triple clamp, and a 3D emblem on the tank. Aside from all this, you get a traction control system and an upshift-only quickshifter. All this can be had for Rs 1,77,800 which is quite a big sum of money for a 150cc bike.

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition

Front Right View of R15 V4

This livery is for the MotoGP fans out there. Available in only a handful of numbers, the Monster Energy edition livery comes wrapped in a dark blue colour with Monster Energy logos all around, taking inspiration from the Yamaha M1. Like the Metallic Grey colour, this livery is also exclusive to the R15 M. Priced at Rs 1,79,800, this is the most expensive colour option of the R15 V4. 

Our Pick: Racing Blue

Front Left View of R15 V4

If we were to take home the R15 V4 for ourselves, we’d pick the Racing Blue colour. This is because at just Rs 5,000 over the Metallic Red colour, the Racing Blue not only gets you a more premium feel but also unlocks a quickshifter and traction control system, which are segment-first features for a 150cc bike in India.

*All-prices ex-showroom Delhi


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Yamaha R15 V4

Rs 1,67,800(Ex-showroom, Delhi )
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