Yamaha RX100 To Make A Comeback On Indian Roads

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However, brace yourself for a long wait 

Yamaha RX100 To Make A Comeback On Indian Roads

The Yamaha RX100 needs no introduction among Indian bike enthusiasts. With a cult-like following, this motorcycle continues to be in demand in the used-bike market, despite going out of production 26 years ago. And now, Yamaha Motor India’s Chairman, Eishin Chihana has said that this iconic name will make a comeback in the Indian market.

Speaking to a publication, it was revealed that Yamaha Motor India does intend to bring back the RX100 moniker, albeit in a new avatar, understandably due to the current stricter emission norms. However, as the OG RX100 was renowned for its incredible performance and lightweight, Yamaha has expressed that they want to do justice to its legacy, and hence the updated iteration would be an “impactful package with powerful engine and design”.

Yamaha RX100 To Make A Comeback On Indian Roads

RX100 fans, do not kick-off your celebrations yet, as the launch timeline for this new RX100 will be only after 2026, as Yamaha states that they have other models lined up until 2025, which includes the MT07 and R7. While this does dampen our excitement, it also baffles us as the two-wheeler market would be dominated by electric bikes and scooters by 2026.

Additionally, the strict emission norms by 2026 would make it difficult to obtain power from small capacity mills, and Yamaha will not be able to extract performance that does justice to the RX100 moniker.

In our opinion, the only sensible comeback for the RX100 would be in an electric avatar. Bajaj has tasted some success following this path with the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter, and this might just work for Yamaha as well. A performance electric bike in 2026 would be relevant as lithium-ion batteries will be much more economical, all the more helping Yamaha’s case if it had to bring the RX100 in an electric avatar.


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