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The Suzuki Intruder gets mechanical components from the Gixxer and its looks from the M1800. And now, it's even available with fuel injection. But all of this comes in a package which is on the pricier side. Worth it?

After showing it to us at the Auto Expo, Suzuki launched the Intruder FI in March. It now commands a premium of about Rs 7000 over the carb variant and is priced at Rs 1.07 lakh. That's asking for a lot of money over a bike which was already a bit on the pricier side. Is the performance gain enough for you to spend that extra cash, or should you save that by going for the carburetted version?



The Intruder has been a polarizing design from the first time we saw the brochure. In person, the large proportions on a small capacity bike will either tickle your funny bone or put you off -- there’s little chance of it growing on you. 

The bulbous fuel tank and tail section are all plastic. The headlight extends further out from the handlebars, in a poor imitation of the massive M1800 Intruder. Combined, these elements give the bike an overgrown look which doesn't quite fit its personality. Luckily, the build and paint quality is top notch and it feels premium enough. Even the switchgear quality is better than the competition. The Intruder has road presence like no other 150cc bike in the market. But this applies to the carburetted variant as well, and the only way to differentiate that from this fuel-injected variant is the FI sticker on the handlebar cover. 



When it comes to features, the Intruder is quite handsomely equipped. For starters, you get a fully digital instrument cluster with a speedo, tachometer, gear indicator, clock as well as two tripmeters. It is clear to read and gets an orange backlight. You also have disc brakes on both wheels (266mm front, 260mm rear), single-channel ABS, tinted rear-view mirrors, and an LED taillight. 

As a part of the Always Headlight On (AHO) rule, the Intruder's headlamp (not just the pilot lamp) comes on as soon as you switch on the ignition. This can quickly deplete the battery and if you are not careful, you will be left doing a 'dhakka start,' like we did. 


Engine And Performance

The Intruder gets the same 155cc, air-cooled, 2-valve engine as the Gixxer and in the same state of tune, producing 14.8PS at 8000rpm and 14Nm at 6000rpm in both the carburettor and fuel injected variants. While the carb variant had more grunt lower down in the rpm range, the FI's power is largely available at mid-range rpm. This makes the FI more suited for city riding. The bike clocks almost the same numbers in in-gear acceleration as the carb, and it is quicker to 60kmph with the engine feeling more refined as well. But this has taken away a bit from the top end, and the bike is now half a second slower to 100kmph.


Test Parameter


TestParameterSuzuki Intruder 150 CarbSuzuki Intruder 150 Fi
Acceleration0-60kmph5.73 seconds5.53 seconds
 0-100kmph17.93 seconds18.42 seconds
Roll-ons30-70 kmph6.12 seconds6.96 seconds
 40-80 kmph8.52 seconds8.47 seconds



Though the top end performance of the Intruder FI is not exciting, it's not something that will bother you while cruising on highways. It's only when you whack open the throttle and want to accelerate quickly that it feels lacking. Power delivery starts feeling flat after 7,500 rpm, and the bike takes time to reach redline. 

But, this helps keep vibrations in check as the motor is a little buzzy at higher rpms. And while you do occasionally miss the top end performance, you gain on one thing… fuel efficiency. At 50kmpl and 57.8kmpl in the city and highway respectively, the FI is three kmpl more efficient than the carb variant. And that combined with the smoother initial performance does make it a sweet deal in the city. 


TestParameterSuzuki Intruder 150 CarbSuzuki Intruder 150 Fi


Ride and handling

The intruder has borrowed its handling characteristics from the Gixxer. It’s nimble in the city when you have to cut through traffic, and the handlebars too are positioned close to you for easy city manoeuvring. Even on hilly roads and around corners, the Intruder feels confident and the 140/60R rear tyre provides decent grip for you to have some fun. 

The suspension though is set up on the stiffer side, especially the rear monoshock. And though it is the same 7-step preload-adjustable unit from the Gixxer, it's completely hidden underneath the heavy bodywork and is hard to reach for adjusting. Luckily, it gets better with a pillion, or if you tip the scales at 90kg or over.

The riding position is ergonomic and comfortable with a low seat height and forward-set footpegs. I only wish the pegs were a little larger as it’s hard to keep your feet on them for longer journeys because of the upward angle. The seat is wide and cushiony and does a good job of keeping you comfortable. That said, if you’re on the taller side, you will end up shifting back in the seat while riding and that can be a bit of stress on your tailbone. Thankfully though, the split rear seat is wide and comfortable for pillion riders.



The Intruder makes for a comfortable urban cruiser. It packs decent performance for your commutes and is comfortable in bumper-to-bumper traffic as well. But its suspension setup is on the stiffer side, which might put you off if you have been pampered by soft commuters. It does a decent job on the highways and its super fun on the hilly sections. But the heavy price, especially of the FI is a little hard to justify. 

And there is the way the Intruder looks, which won't go well with everyone. So if you are considering buying the Intruder and budget isn’t a constraint, then the FI variant makes sense. But if you have to even think twice about spending that extra money, then you should stick with the carburetted variant. 

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